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Happy Mother's Day! - in Samoan


Happy Mother's Day from Samoa

Fa'afetai i le Atua.
Mo lenei aso taua.
O le aso Sa e faamanantuina,
Ma faamamalu ai oe tina.

Ua avea oe e le Atua.
Ma ola i le aiga.
O le penina tautele.
Loto onosa'i, loto tele.

Tina, faamalo le fai o le faiva.
O lou tofiga, o le fatu o Aiga.
E tuu atu mo oe lo'u ola atoa.
E le faafiti lou alofa.


Thank you to God
For this very important day
This Sunday to commemorate and honor you, Mother.

God has chosen you as the lifeline of the family
The pearl of many tellings
For your patience, and your generosity.

Mother, in your role as the heart of the family
We honor your steadfastness
I give you my life
For my love would never deny you.

Fa'afetai tele lava


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