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Scottish Bob

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Golfin American Samoa
« on: June 14, 2013, 12:22:58 AM »
"Talofa & Manuia le aso Everyone O a mai oe" ( Please forgive me if my Samoan is wrong )
Hello & Greetings from Australia.
May I introduce myself my name is Bob Davies and I am Scottish but I now live in Melbourne Australia and I am collecting and documenting the history of the golf courses on the Pacific Islands by collecting that country or islands scorecards and I am lucky enough to have a golf club scorecard from the Ili Ili Golf Course but I am trying to find out the year it was first built or founded.

If anyone could please help me to add this information to my documents I would be very grateful I hope that I have not offended any one by my unusual request I wish you all peace & goodwill.
"Fa'afetai tele"     ( I hope that is also right


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