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Three Poems

By LeRoy D. Owens


Deep stillness past the edge of soul — I'm not ready — yet
The wearing wash of time is working on my will — and
I shall finally go . . .

Written by LeRoy Owens, March 1995



While we're looking for our future
it slips past us every way,
Just as we seize the moment
it becomes our yesterday.

How can we plan tomorrow
when it keeps becoming now?
Our past was once our future
and the "good old days," somehow.

We put time in a capsule
in a building cornerstone,
So that future generations
can know what we have known,

And when they open up the thing
and sort the musty den,
The future's looking at the past–
it's déjà vu again!

So we look into our telescopes
to reach beyond stars,
We gaze with rapt attention
far beyond the planet Mars.

We adjust the optic instrument
to hold the future fast,
And what we see before us
is light years in the past.

We need a cosmic formula
to get ahold of time;
We try to dial the future
with no number and no dime.

Now I'm no rocket scientist,
I hardly count to ten,
Yet I get bright ideas
that amaze my kith and kin.

Why not invent the future
and make it what we please?
Let's harness nature's atoms,
and eliminate disease.

We'll find the cure for cancer
and beat this hunger thing,
We'll meet the needs of humankind,
and other living things,

We'll save the earth through noble deeds,
and find a peace that lasts,
And when we've solved the future
we'll re-invent the past.

Now, lest you find this crazy,
and send me back to school,
Just hear my proposition
and my future Golden Rule:

"If you want to build a future,
you've got to know the past!"

The cosmic dust of which we're made
and formed within the cast,
Holds all the great ideas,
we're the future, and the last,

Like every generation, we can
build upon past dreams,
And strive for human greatness,
and create exciting schemes,

Or we can blame the past
for what we are and might have been.
And when we end our journey
we'll be cosmic dust again.

So make the most of what you are,
the future's in your hands,
Prepare yourself to realize
your own exciting plans.

For life is what you make it,
there's no guarantee it seems,
You hold the key to happiness
and all your fondest dreams,

The future waits for no one
the brass ring's up for grabs,
That future bed you're making
you'll sleep in all your past.

So risk to dream a future
and realize your best,
For as you live your future
you're creating your own past.
Written by LeRoy Owens, January 1995


Within the depths of soul, there rings a piercing cry of pain,
That wrenches from complacency
The dormant truth in justice.

There is no truth that better wracks indignity, than
When we feel the pointed stab directed at ourselves.

Our righteousness is roused when inflicted on our being,
We feel the pain of others through our own indignant eyes.

To gain the unusual state of dignity for all
We first must find the seed of justice
Deep within our souls.

As no one knows a truth for others
Who has not first found right in self.

Dignity for others is born of self-learned truth:
We appreciate for others what we value for ourselves.

So bathe the child in self-esteem, and dignity, and worth,
And this same child, in later years, can feel the pain of others not so taught.
'Tis easier to train the twig before it makes the bough.

Written by LeRoy D. Owens, March 1995

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