Bone marrow donors appreciated

Written August 4, 1997: This is old information but they requested we leave it online for reference.

Dear Samoans,
As you may have heard, this past week our local community have pulled together for this good cause. Locating a suitable match for a patient with a life-threatening disease such as leukimia is a difficult task.

One American Samoa resident and one Hawaii resident are among thousands of children and young adults urgently searching for matching donors, especially Asians and Pacific Islanders. These two residents are: 16 year old, Jason Haleck who is Samoan-German-Chinese and 11 year old Hawaii Lui Yuen who is Samoan-Chinese. Some of their family members have tested but none are suitable matches.

The Amerika Samoa Bone Marrow Drive as of today 8/1/97 according to Gary Sword, total over 1080 plus that donated blood. A big fa'amalo to the local community!

Those who want to volunteer must be between 18 and 60 years of age and in good health. A small blood sample is collected for tissue type. The results of this test are entered in the Hawaii and National data bases to determine if you match. If you are a match, an information session is held so that you can make an informed decision about donating your marrow.

There is no cost to you, the donor. If you have signed up at other recruitments, you are already registered in Hawaii and National Registries. You do not have to re-register. We kindly urge our fellow Samoans, Asians and Pacific Islanders to join in this needy cause. Please help save a life and become a marrow donor today.

Those in Hawaii can contact:
The Bone Marrow donor Registry at St. Fancis Medical Center
(808) 524-6619 or Dave Haleck (684) 688-1922.

Or Gary Sword by e-mail at [email protected]
Fa'afetai tele lava.

This information and pictures shared by Alex Sene, [email protected]