Samoan Civic Assoc. San Jose

Samoan Civic Youth officials
Youth officials for the Samoan Civic Association.
Samoan Civic Youth Coordinator
Youth Coordinator Caroline Fealofai
Samoan Civic founders
Program Director Marsha Pritchard and founder and Executive Director George A. Pritchard.
The Samoan Civic Association of San Jose is an organization whose purpose and goals are to inform, educate, and provide our community the tools to lve a productive life in a violence-free atmosphere. Working as a team, we want our community to be empowered through training and community resource. We are positioned to be a force in imporving the quality of life in our community. This improvement will be done by continual education an pro-active action by the Samoan Community.

Our youth program consists of tutoring, after school activities such as, language arts, cultural arts & crafts, personal consultation for students and parents, career preparation and training with the emphasis on living a drug-free and violence free life. We will also provide recreational activities and outings.

Our senior program consists of nutritional training, recreational programs, arts & crafts, daily exercise, monthly outings, networking with other senior programs. We'll be working on essential medical needs such as blood pressure checks, weight checks, sugar lefel checks, dietary evaluations, information classes on SSI, Social Security, Medi-Cal, housing and other needs.

The goals and anticipated results of this youth project are to redirect their energy which can lead to crime and violence, into a positive and productive life. We expect to see them excel in their education by carrying a high grade point average, receiving scholarships, graduating (with honors as earned) and striving for a higher education.

The goals and anticipated results of this senior project are to empower them to live more productive lives through their arts and crafts so they can leave a part of their heritage for the next generation, to have them live longer and healthier lives by providing them with many life tools they need.

The founder and Executive Director is George A. Pritchard.
Other key people are:
Program Director Marsha Pritchard
Youth Coordinator: Caroline Fealofai
Youth Assistant: Gina Afalava
Senior Coordinator: Anna Pritchard
Senior Assistant: Sharleen Noa

Samoan Civic Association of San Jose
2346 B Alum Rock Ave.
San Jose, CA 95116
Ph#408-729-8994 Fx#408-729-8996